Gaolan Park

In the heart of Shanghai’s historic French concession lies this old villa from the 1930s which after the turmoil of the cultural revolution and China’s economic resurgence during the 1980s and 90s has gone through multiple transformations. The transformations of the had gone so far to destroy the historical character of the building. Its latest function was that of a night club and accordingly the building had been clad with fake columns and pseudo-baroque elements.
The new owner is planning a food and beverage centered commercial space making use of the historic character of the villa and its generous green space in front.

With the help of the original historical plans, we proposed to clean up the facade and to rid the building of all fake elements. The window openings were restored to the original proportions.

The left part of the building, an addition from the 1960s and of poor building quality, we decided to completely transform. All of the buildings core functions, such as staircase, elevator, kitchens, and technical shafts are to be compressed into this volume, This makes the building very efficient, leaving the right part of the building open to the individual interior design requirements of future tenants. The facade material is corten steel which creates a sensual contrast between the old and new elements.